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3 more reasons why Mozilla and Firefox are awesome

(In no particular order)

  1. Boot to Gecko
  2. Gecko, the “engine” behind Firefox probably lags behind WebKit in some metrics, but certainly not innovation. The B2G project will allow Gecko to run like an operating system, hopefully providing a more free and truly open alternative to AndroidOS. It might also open the door for other platforms (like Eclipse) to start taking themselves more seriously and finding more applications for themselves.

  3. BrowserQuest
  4. To demonstrate the power of HTML5 and WebSockets, Mozilla created BrowserQuest, a multiplayer retro-style adventure game. Try it. I finished it in 20 minutes, and I wish there was more.

    Flash still has some abilities that HTML5 and its related technologies don’t, but BrowserQuest is an excellent implementation of its growing powers. In keeping with the open tradition, its source is provided on GitHub.

  5. Tilt
  6. Firefox 11 introduced this tool that allows you to visualize and inspect the DOM in 3D. Somehow it brings a very intuitive sense to understanding the layout of a web page. I’m sure it will bring much needed relief to Web Developers working with floats and positions.

    Tilt is as implementation of WebGL (supported by Mozilla), so if your computer is little older (like mine), things might lag just a bit. To access it, go to Tools > Web Developer > Inspect. At the bottom right of the inspect view, you should see a button saying ‘3D’. That’s it!

    All three of these projects speak to the larger innovative nature of Mozilla. I am amongst those of the belief that it is made possible by its open nature. Firefox’s growth was key in the evolution of “Web 2.0”, and even today Mozilla leads the development of open technologies and standards.

    If they weren’t around, I’m sure the Internet would look very different today than it really is.


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