Firefox build – Part 2

by Abhishek Bhatnagar

Since that last Firefox build I hit some turbulence with my laptop and lost most of my data (explanation in gray below). But now I’m back on F16 doing another build.

This time round though, after following the steps highlighted in the last post, I came across this generic error in the make process:

Could not compile basic X program

Hmm, not very descriptive at all.
A quick Google search revealed that following package is needed

libXt-devel or (libXt-dev on debian)

to make it work.

Vista Crash Story

I had a Fedora15/Vista dual-boot on my laptop. I was upgrading my F15 to F16, and for some reason thought it would be okay to use my Vista partition as a quick backup space. I wasn’t going to touch the Windows partition after all, nothing could go wrong.
Not so; after the F16 installation, Vista would work normally, however not without prompting me for a CHKDSK on start-up. I booted it a few times skipping the warning, until I finally gave in and let it do its job. That was a mistake. My Vista partition is now severely damaged, and all the help from Windows experts on IRC has not bore any fruit yet. I thought I should give up on the repair, and simply recover my data using something like TestDisk, but even that returns a “Segmentation Fault”. Essentially my Vista partition killed itself.