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Cloud9IDE – A web browser based IDE for JS devs

This is not necessarily up my alley, but I think it would do great for all the JS devs out there.

Cloud9 IDE is a web browser based IDE that creates a natural marriage between the user’s dev environment, which is on a cloud, and github. I feel physical pain every time I have to setup another Eclipse environment (though my love for Eclipse remains strong), so I’m hoping this concept of cloud IDE catches on. (Hmm, perhaps there should be a similar service for Eclipse – a “cloud” carrying the contents of the user’s .eclipse folder)

Anyway, Cloud9 also says that they are free for open source projects! Try it out!

Here’s what a py project from my github looks like in it:


3 thoughts on “Cloud9IDE – A web browser based IDE for JS devs

  1. northwind87 says:

    Nice! This sounds really cool. I have two questions however:

    1) Can you execute complex JS projects in the context of the page right in the brower?

    2) Does cloud9 offer github/SCM integration out of the box?



    • 1) I haven’t tried that yet, but it is somewhat unlikely. I’ve been using it for a py project and it seems to work alright for that. If you install it as an app in Google Chrome, then you get to assign local interpreter execution paths which is really cool. So if that works for a JS project, then the answer to your question would be yes, because the execution environment would be local.

      2) It does! At least for github and bitbucket. Not so much for other local repos though.

      Try it out, I have a feeling this concept is going to catch on soon.

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